Sustainability - Research & Development

Research & Development

The company collaborates with a range of local and international partners, including universities, research institutions and private companies including UPM, Institute Mondial du Phosphate (IMPHOS), and Tropical Peat Research Institute Unit of MPOB. A technical advisory committee provides governance and oversight on our R&D programmes. Our efforts are focused on improving yields from our plantations, improving cost-efficiency and sustainable agricultural practices, increasing efficient production of quality and refined oils to meet evolving customer and market requirements, as well as developing value-added agricultural by-products for our future foray into the downstream business. It covers the entire value chain, from oil palm seeds to the production of palm oil, and also rubber.

Among the researches that we have participated in include:
  •  Investigating Phosphate Requirement on Sapric Peat
  •  Determining Carbon Loss from Peat Using Flux Techniques
  •  Tissue Culturing to Produce High Oil Yielding Palms
  •  Exploring Technologies to Increase Rubber and Latex Yield