Our Future

Tradewinds Plantation Berhad’s forward-looking vision is to be the global leader in integrated agribusiness. We will achieve this by consolidating our operations, improving efficiency, managing costs and productivity, as well as looking towards new opportunities for the future.

Tradewinds Plantation Berhad will remain steadfast on investing in new landbanks, including plantation development and strategic acquisitions which will enlargen our plantations operations. This will place our organisation in a more favourable position to realize its fullest and future potential, as well as attaining sustainable growth. Our ongoing efforts will also cover increasing yield, lowering operational costs, mechanisation of plantation operations as well as mill efficiency improvement plans.

The company will be looking into fortifying its mid-stream and downstream operations. We will be setting-up our own refineries and rubber depots, as well as ensuring a robust trading arm, which will bode a healthy and sustainable future for the company.

Tradewinds Plantation Berhad will be placing greater emphasis on research and development efforts, in order to maintain our sustainable operations. This includes exploring new ventures in agribusiness and the oils & fats market segments.  

In terms of human capital management, we will focus on building new capabilities as well as strengthening the existing core, by empowering our workforce with relevant industry knowledge and skills. It will incorporate innovation towards improving operational efficiency, as well as inculcating a high performance work and safety culture.

Our current strengths, coupled with expansion plans and a forward-looking vision will make Tradewinds Plantations Berhad stronger as we take great leaps ahead towards a better and sustainable future.