Research & Development

The company’s investment in Research & Development (R&D) is part of its strategy to be a key player in the oil palm industry.

Our history of R&D at Tradewinds Plantation Berhad is focussed on improving yields from our plantations, improving cost-efficiency and sustainable agricultural practices, increasing efficient production of quality and refined oils to meet evolving customer and market requirements, as well as developing the value-added agricultural by-products for our future foray into the downstream business. It covers the entire value chain, from oil palm seeds to the production of palm oil, and also rubber.

We also collaborate with a range of local and international partners, including universities, research institutions and private companies. A technical advisory committee provides governance and oversight on our R&D programmes. Our efforts are focussed on consistently improving our plantation yields and oil.

On a joint-research project with UPM and Institute Mondial du Phosphate (IMPHOS), a five years trial recording on 6 year-old palms planted on 1999 had shown that the Phosphate requirement on sapric peat is low.
In view of the concern regarding the magnitude of CO2, emitted to the atmosphere from peat areas, the Tropical Peat Research Institute Unit of MPOB in collaboration with TPB has established a research plot in Sibu to determine the carbon loss from peat using flux techniques. Concurrently a separate research plot was set up to study the effect of drainage depth on the rate of subsidence and carbon emission in the oil palm plantation.

Planting of tissue cultured materials with high oil yield potential, is being implemented in our replanting areas. TPB’s planting of elite bio-tech materials involved stringent nursery management and selection, as well as higher standard of field upkeep and cultivation.

In the rubber sector, apart from setting agronomy trials on optimizing rubber growth and latex yield, the R&D is also in the initial stage of establishing a collaborative study with a local university in exploring the potential of genomic science and bio-molecular technology on rubber.