Quality Assurance Systems

Since 2010, the TQEM team has remained focused on promoting continuous quality improvements company-wide with the ultimate goal being to inculcate good teamwork culture so as to improve the overall performance. TQEM is now replaced with the Sustainability team. The quality audit programmes implemented since 2010, continue to be implemented with the main objective being to highlight the independent findings and to recommend measures for improvements at the estate and milling operations.

For Mardec, the brand that has been around for the last 40 years, it has never compromised on the quality of its products. Mardec produces high grade products and this has always been the strength of the company in making in-roads into the international marketplace. In its relentless pursuit of excellence, Mardec takes an uncompromising stand on quality, and any issue no matter how big or small, has always been taken seriously and resolved expediently.

Mardec practises total quality management in all facets of its operations, from the collection of raw material, through manufacturing, right up to the packaging and delivery of the final product to its customers. To ensure its products meet international quality standards and exceed customers’ expectations, all its subsidiaries and factories have been accredited to the MS ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:2008 certifications.