Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the combined use of ecological, cultural, physical, biological and chemical methods to control pests and diseases in our estates. Our IPM techniques reduce our use of chemical pesticides and their associated environmental and food chain impacts.

We use natural micro-organisms to control nettle caterpillar and bagworm infestation, planting thick ground cover to control rhinoceros beetle damage to young replants, complete removal and shredding of Ganoderma infected palms to control basal stem rot. We also plant beneficial plants such as the Turnera subulata which act as hosts for attracting insects that help control the population of damaging pests in our plantations. 

The emphasis on high standards of palm sanitation, ablation and good water table control in peat will be the integral component of IPM against Tirathaba and Termite outbreak.