Peatland Planting Management

Peat refers to naturally occurring areas where organic matter is slowly decaying due to lack of oxygen, commonly found in wetland areas.

In our effort to achieve higher yield in mineral soil and peat soil areas, effective agronomic approaches have been identified and are being implemented  in our estates. This includes better fertilizer application techniques to enhance nutrient uptake as well as better soil management to reduce surface run-off and leaching losses.

Concerted efforts are being implemented to further improve the yield in existing marginal and unfriendly terrain. The thrust will be on managing the optimum water table for improving yield. The determination by the management team to adopt and implement a new approach in  water management strategy has resulted in a sterling yield improvement, recorded by several of our estates with planting on peat land.  This is attributed to having a better understanding and managing of the inherent properties of the peat profile.

We believe that if peat land is better understood in terms of its nature and composition, then planting on peat land will yield the desired results when managed correctly and sustainably.