Good Agricultural Practices

Since the beginning, we have embedded Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) into all facets of our plantation operations.

Over the past two decades, conventional agriculture exemplified by the Green Revolution, has given way to sustainable agriculture. The Third National Agricultural Policy, 1998-2010 provided the basis for initiatives in sustainable agriculture. As climate change becomes an increasingly important issue, sustainable agriculture can contribute to both climate mitigation and adaptation. The Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) adopted and implemented by Tradewinds Pplantation Berhad ensures the sustainability of its plantation operations. The key elements of GAP addresses many areas, such as land and water management, zero burning replanting techniques, integrated pest management, palm oil mill effluent (POME) treatment system, biodiversity and quality assurance.

Our palm oil mills have been equipped with a Continuous Emission Monitoring System to comply with the Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations 1978.