Annual Reports


Annual Report 2011


As a leading entity in the plantation industry, Tradewinds Plantation continues to make its mark, integrating our strong industrial strength and expertise to create distinctive value whilst capitalising on the boundless opportunities and handling challenges that come our way.
“Enhancing Value: Success Through Precision” reflects our expanding capabilities into different ventures that has catalysed our growth and sustained our forward momentum in both local and regional markets.


Annual Report 2010


The theme for Year 2010 illustrates Tradewinds Plantation Berhad’s unwavering aspirations to be a key player in the local oil palm industry. We are confident of achieving improved performance as we forge ahead with optimism and confidence. Leveraging on our accumulated strengths borne from solid foundations built over the years. Our journey of continuity is clearly defined as we are set to achieve and sustain long-term growth. Lending credence to our ambition of developing and expanding our core businesses across the region through industrial strength and expertise.


Annual Report 2009


With established fundamentals, Tradewinds Plantation Berhad is well positioned to respond to a challenging market. We continue to create the impetus needed for the future by leveraging on our core competencies and creating value through synergistic integration of new businesses to increase our competitive advantages and enhance our stakeholders' value.


Annual Report 2008


At Tradewinds Plantation Berhad, our goal is kept in sight... To deliver a sustainable future for our stakeholders whose interests are embodied in our actions, guided by sound ethics and professionalism. With established fundamentals, we remain focused in our quest for strategic growth and continuous enrichment of shareholder value.


Annual Report 2007


With our fundamentals in place, Tradewinds Plantation Berhad is on track to dynamic growth. Having weathered the early challenges of developing a sizeable land bank and synergising our business resources, we are ready to deliver impactful performance through enhancement in operational practices and strive for strategic growth to further enrich shareholder value.



Annual Report 2006  


As we merge to form an active force in the plantation industry, Tradewinds Plantation Berhad is set on keeping its goal closely in sight… the future. With a year full of optimism and commercial breakthroughs, the industry has now embarked on a challenging yet fulfilling journey with a promising future that waits it. The wheel of growth is in motion, the momentum is steadily ncreasing and it is up to us to set the pace.


Investor Relations